Tracey Snelling, 2005, Tenement, wood, metal, plastic, fabric, paint, DVD players, LCD screens, transformers, photographs, 84 x 72 x 72”

Peter Callesen, 2007, Cut To The Bone, 255 x 95 x 147cm, 120 g. paper

Zadok Ben-David, 2005, From Autumn to Spring (detail), acid-etched stainless steel, approx. 6’ x 2’ x 1’

Yuken Teruya, 2006, Untitled, cut paper bag, variable dimensions

Sangbin Im, 2006, Suji, lambda print, 70 x 40”

Alex Da Corte, 2008, Accessory, acrylic fingernails, nail polish, sequins, pins, earings, seed beads, Swarovski crystals, glitter, foam, metal rod on rotating mirror base, 62  x 20 x 20”

Norm Paris, 2005, Michael Jordan, Save The World, Forton MG sculptures, kite string, casein, variable dimensions

Joan Linder, 2007, The Pink, colored ink on paper, 52 x 143”

Jill Greenberg, 2005, The End, digital photographic print, 50 x 42”

Yong Ho Ji, 2007, Hammerhead Shark, used tire, resin, wood, 116 x 53 x 56”

Chris Jordan, 2007, Cans Seurat, ultra chrome pigmented inkjet, 72 x 110”

Robert Lazzarini, 1999, Skull, Cast Bone, 12 x 5 x 4”,

Drew Leshko, 2006, Church of the Nazarene, Tennesee, 1936 (Walker Evans Series), lambda print, 13.5 x 18”

Vik Muniz, 2003, Self Portrait (I am Too Sad to Tell You, After Bas Van Ader), c-print, 40 x 50”

John Garrett Slaby, 2008, Cigarettes Packs, acrylic on plywood, 3 1/4 x 2 1/4 x 3/4””

The exhibition "Versions of Reality" discusses a common link between the 18 artists loaned from the West Collection.  For the NEXT Fair we have decide to show a few artists who have emerged along with some artists who are currently emerging, along with some artists who are just beginning to have solo shows and will be "NEXT" to emerge.  We feel all of these artists have reached mature vision and we are actively collecting all of them.  The artists are working to re-represent reality either through the building of a constructed reality, representations of reality in odd materials, scale shifting, or the incorporation of one "reality" in another reality.  One of the central tenants of the collecting in the West Collection is accessibility, and these artists are central artists to the collection because they work with accessibility as they include elements of the "real world" in their end image.  We at the West Collection feel that the obvious by-product of having people understand the work they are seeing is that they do more than look at the work, they experience the work.  We hope you will enjoy the experience of the West Collection "Versions of Reality" at NEXT.

Versions of Reality

Versions of Reality Installation, April 2008, NEXT Art Fair, Chicago