West Collects 2012 Artists

We are very pleased to announce the below list of artists that will be acquired for the West Collection through the 2012 West Collects initiative. 2,650 artists applied online from 80 countries and the caliber of work this year was quite incredible. This year we collected from galleries as well as unrepresented artists. In each case the 30 new artists define or redefine areas of the West Collection and add amazing content to our program.  We look forward to the fall exhibitions both at City Hall in Philadelphia for the Philadelphia-based artists, and at SEI and our new warehouse space in Oaks, PA for the national/ international artists.  A public opening and catalog of their works will accompany the West Collects exhibitions. 


Tim Portlock

Joe Girandola

Kim Alsbrooks

Astrid Bowlby

Kay Healy

Tim Eads

Colette Fu

Mark Stockton

Brian Richmond

Erin Murray


Tyler Held (Brooklyn)

Nathan Bennett (New York)

Peter Feigenbaum (Brooklyn)

Laura Ball (San Diego)

Don Porcella (New York)

Fahamu Pecou (Atlanta)

Jeff Carter (Chicago)

Dan Tague (New Orleans)

Marti Cormand (Brooklyn)

Betsy Odom (Chicago)

Corydon Cowansage (New York)

Anita Cruz-Eberhard (Brooklyn)

Tate Foley (St. Louis)


Alain Delorme (FR)

Jannick Deslauriers (CAN)

Thomas Wrede (DE)

Laura Ortiz Vega (MX)

Ben Turnbull (UK)

Jemima Brown (UK)

Bohyn Yoon (KOR)